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Evaluation of the energy efficiency potential

One of the missions of the EAME is the identification and evaluation of the energy efficiency potential at the national level, to provide actors with decision-making tools in the field of efficiency. energy.



AMEE has identified the energy efficiency potential in heating and cooling in the residential building

Energy Efficiency (EE) Potential for Heating and Cooling for Residential Buildings by 2021
Potential energy efficiency (EE) in heating for residential buildings by 2021
Energy Efficiency (EE) Potential for Air Conditioning for Residential Buildings by 2021
The AMEE also conducted in accredited laboratories, tests of the physical and thermal characteristics of the main building materials in Morocco, sampled in the different regions, as well as their modeling.


In the transport sector, the AMEE has identified the potential for saving gasoline and diesel for tourism vehicles by adopting eco-driving techniques and also renewing the fleet.

Potential fuel economy for passenger cars;
Potential savings of diesel for passenger cars.