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said mouline

This website should be considered as a tool for citizens and professionals, and more generally for renewable energy and energy efficiency promotion in our country.

The national strategy drawn by the Royal letter at Energy Audience in March 2009 gives priority to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our country which imports more than 95 % of its energy has a growing energy bill and increasing energy needs (5% growth per year). In the current international context, renewable energy and energy efficiency are the only response to our energy challenges; they are also a powerful trigger for business opportunities and job creation in new sectors, for the sustainable development of our country.

Today, the national strategy for renewable energy and energy efficiency aims at the implementation of energy efficiency programs and the installation of solar and wind power plants to reach 42% of total installed production capacities by 2020. This will be achieved through the launch of the 2,000 MW solar program and the 2,000 MW wind program, the implementation of a code for energy efficiency in buildings, in hospitals, in government and public buildings, and in the industry. The program aims at increased energy efficiency through a series of regulatory measures, financial incentives, energy audits and the setting of energy performance standards, with accompanying measures for awareness raising, the promotion of quality and capacity building at national level.

We hope that this website on renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as the services offered AMEE will give you the information you are looking for. Do not hesitate to spread the word! We would also like to thank partner organizations that trust and support us in giving more visibility to this crucial sector.

Saïd MOULINE, General Director